Ask Us Anything

What type of certification do your drivers obtain?

Hoist and Haul are committed to a safe operating environment both for our Team Members and Customers.
The operators are qualified in both:
-  NZQA Unit standard 30072 - Demonstrate Knowledge of Slinging Regular Loads.
- NZQA Unit Standard 16617 Use a truck loader crane to lift and place load

Is your Crane Certfied

The Mini Crane is certified with both a LVV (Limited Volume Vehicle) and Crane Certificate renewed annually with current compliance certificate stored inside vehicle.

Can I reserve your service for out of town trips?

Hoist-N-Haul will travel throughout New Zealand and our low running costs make our transport service extremely completive for long distance hauls of large items

Do you comply with Health and Safety Regulations?

Hoist-N-Haul utilizes The Crane Association of New Zealand developed guidelines, rigging and lift plans as part of our operations. We also use SiteAppPro  for ensuring compliance with Hoist-N-Haul's Health and Safety Procedures